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Faucher Industries is undeniably one of Canada’s pioneers of success. After all, Faucher Industries is the country’s largest supplier of industrial and transportation hardware.

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Faucher Foundation

Founded in 1849, the company began life as a blacksmith's shop, where founder Olivier Faucher hammered metal into wheel spokes, rims, hubcaps and other parts, supplying them to car manufacturers. Known from the outset for the quality of its products and its customer-focused approach, the company grew and prospered under the experienced management of the Faucher family.


100 years of success

The company continues to grow, and in 1949 celebrates 100 years of success.


Purchase of Faucher Industries

In 1982, Faucher Industries was bought by a family holding company, which added the industrial sector to its operations, thereby expanding its customer base and product ranges.


150 years of success

The company continues to grow, and in 1999 celebrates 150 years of success.



Opening of an office in Shanghai.


Pasquier belts

Acquisition of Pasquier belts.



Opening of a warehouse in the USA.


175 years of success

In 2024, Faucher will celebrate its 175th anniversary.

Heavy machinery For all your heavy machinery maintenance and repair needs.

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Thousands of products Several products under a single banner

Faucher around the world We have warehouses in Canada and the United States

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