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Faucher undertakes to remain attentive to its clients within the scope of its areas of activity, in order to meet their needs.

Our policy is to offer products which meet our clients' needs within the time periods agreed to and at competitive prices while ensuring a superior quality service. We assume the mandate of supporting our clientele in their pursuit of innovation in order, not only to meet their demands, but to be perceived & considered as a customer oriented company. Faucher is and must be a company that is easy to do business with.

To give effect to that policy, the management and the entire personnel of Faucher undertake all necessary procedures for the application and improvement of a quality system based on the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard, taking into account the equipment and the resources at our disposal. We rely on a dynamic team, working in partnership with the clientele, and which is proud of belonging to Faucher, the industry leader in the distribution field. We at Faucher all work together to exceed these objectives. (5IT01 rev. 01/2012)

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